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Asbestos Abatement

AAC Contracting has removed 200 million pounds of asbestos since 1983.


Mold Remediation

AAC Contracting performed our first Mold remediation project in 1994.


Lead Paint Abatement

AAC Contracting has completed over 1,000 lead abatement projects since 1989.


PCB Remediation

A biopersistent carcinogen that was used in some building materials has been found in remote locations like the snow cap of the Andes Mountains.


Environmental Decontamination

AAC Contracting has over 50 HAZWOPER trained employees ready to meet your environmental cleanup needs.

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Spray-applied Fire Resistant Material

AAC Contracting is a licensed professional Isolatek SFRM installation contractor.


Floor Shot Blasting & Grinding

AAC Contracting has removed over 10 Million Square Feet of flooring and prepped surfaces for future use.


Selective Demolition

With 30 plus years of experience, AAC Contracting has the expertise to selectively dismantle the toughest projects.


Fire Stopping

AAC Contracting is a Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) Member and a FM 4991 Approved Contractor.

For more information on this stringent quality installation protocol visit FCIA’s Website.

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Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting

AAC Contracting uses Cold Jet’s state of the art technology for your cleaning, remediating and restoration needs since 2008

Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Video


High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

A PSI rating up to 40,000 means very little can withstand our industry leading NLB water jet system.


Industrial Cleaning

From technology like water jetting and dry ice blasting to old fashioned elbow grease, AAC Contracting has a solution for your facility.

Porter/General Service Mechanic

From cleaning to maintenance, AAC Contracting provides a catch all service for you facility needs.