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Asbestos Abatement

After an asbestos survey is completed, abatement may be achieved by removal, encapsulation, isolation or repair of friable or non-friable asbestos containing materials. As abatement of asbestos is AAC's forte, we are fully committed to complete each project following all state and federal regulations.


Mold Remediation

It is critical to first have a mold survey completed to designate how aggressive the mold growth is and what we would be dealing with, as there are over 45 types of common indoor molds. After the survey results are known, the effected area may require removal of the mold infested substrate (severe) or surface correction and the application of a mold specific encapsulate (less severe).


Lead Paint Abatement

To remove or encapsulate lead based paint from its substrate. Removal can be accomplished in many different ways including but not limited to the use of chemical removal, needle guns and component removal. All lead abatement work to be completed per all state and federal regulations.


PCB Remediation

The removal of Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl (a carcinogen), which are typically found in caulks, transformers and light ballasts.


Environmental Decontamination

AAC personnel are trained to perform environmental decontamination which is the cleaning or decommissioning of an area structure, hood or piece of equipment. In many instances, a harmful substance or chemical contamination must also be rectified.

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Spray Fireproofing

The application of continuous fiber based spray. Fire proofing is often applied to ceilings, decks and structured beams to achieve the required fire code.


Floor Shot Blasting & Grinding

Abrading a floor by creating a profile that removes a small layer of concrete and/or the top coat. This is commonly used when installing a new floor system to ensure proper adhesive characteristics for the new application.


Selective Demolition

The removal of interior walls (cinder blocks, drywall, plaster, glass, etc.), ceiling systems, machine equipment, etc. so that space can be rebuilt to suit a new layout or additional space can be accessed.


Fire Stopping

The application of fire rated caulk material applied where a mechanical or electrical penetration was required through a wall or ceiling structure.

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Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting

Utilizing state of the art technology by cold jet. This process utilizes dry ice pellets to remove unwanted material (mold, paint, dirt, etc.) without having to be concerned with contaminated water collection.


High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

Power washing with a PSI of 1000-3500 PSI. This service is used to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces.


Industrial Cleaning

This service includes the preparation and cleaning necessary to remove dirt, dust and grease on equipment, floors, machines, hoods, walls, ceilings, structural steel and building exteriors.

Porter/General Service Mechanic

AAC can provide labor to any company to assist with day to day cleaning or maintenance as well as a host of other services.